The Role of Management in Organization

A manager is a very important person an organization. He/she is responsible for all activities that take place in the organization and they are answerable to the board of the organization. Funny thing about managers is that they monitor all activities and they take the credit for the success of the business. On the other hand, any losses that are incurred by the company are taken to be the failure of the manger even though they are not the people who usually work on the ground. The main role of management in organization is delegating different tasks to the most competent staff members.

In a corporation there is a management stuff that is made of several managers from different departments. This is the senior position in an organization although there is the most senior manager in the administration. He/she is the one who receives the finished work from the managers.

They are also in charge of resources; money and time need to complete a give task. Although managers have the same obligation the leadership is relative to the type environment and circumstances that predominate. There are managers who are autocratic and others are who paternalistic. Tyrannical mangers are the type of mangers who make decisions without considering prospects of the employees. This means that the employees have to produce exactly what they are told to.

The best administration is the one that listens to the employees and takes into consideration their view before making decisions. This means that everybody is involve in administration. To some effects, this is the best managing strategy since it also helps in motivating the employees.

Managers influence all the segments of modern corporation. Sales managers are responsible for all sales force that creates awareness to the general public. Personnel managers ensure that the corporation has the best and the most competent workforce. Plant managers control manufacturing maneuvers that produce the food we consume, the cloths we wear as well as the vehicles we drive.

In general, the peaceful co-existence among workers is and the general public is the responsibility of management staff. It will be prudent to say that, were it not for the management, the society that encompasses any corporation would not exist as it is today. In short the entire society require good managers irrespective of its development status.

Basically, the task of managers is to direct the entire business organization toward objective accomplishment. Entirely, corporations are present to fulfill certain goals. Managers are accountable for merging and employing all firm resources to warrant purpose achievement.

Maximum production by workforce is ensured by effective design of activities. Generally, the collective individual contribution of each worker is what determines the universal attainment of set objectives. Management goes all-out to encourage individual activities that will steer the organization towards its goal. At the same point, it discourages any activity that could impede the success of the corporation.

There is no more important idea than managing the gratifying the goals and objectives of a corporation. The meaning of the administration is described by its goals and objectives. All administrators should have a single minded focus on the fulfillment of the organizational goals. This way we achieve the role of management in organization.